While there are thousands of chemicals slowly poisoning
our bodies, few are as toxic as heavy metals.

These metals are natural earth elements that damage cells, tissues, and the brain. Their effects masquerade as symptoms of chronic diseases, so few practitioners look to heavy metals as the cause.

The result is a medical system that treats symptoms but rarely gets to the root cause... toxicity.

In this issue we’ll cover 5 of the worst heavy metals that you're most likely to have in your body. 

You’ll also discover ways you can reduce your toxin risk factors so you can achieve optimal health and vitality.

Scroll down to the end to see which foods and minerals can help remove these unhealthy metals!

5 Highly Toxic Heavy Metals


With the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, the dangers of this heavy metal are becoming more apparent now than ever before.

Lead is everywhere. The CDC estimates 500,000 children have lead poisoning throughout the US thanks to decades of leaded gasoline and lead paint. It can also be found in the soil from lead that was put in the air through smelting. 

The dangers of lead affect all ages…

 Immediate effects include anemia causing tiredness
It affects the nervous system causing weakness in muscles and joints
In children it's associated with lower IQ, and learning disabilities
Lead displaces calcium in bones and teeth
In adults, lead raises blood pressure and cardiovascular risk factors

Tips to Avoid Lead:

Mop up any dust in older homes to prevent the inhalation of lead. Drink filtered water to avoid contamination from older pipes and faucets.


For many people, most mercury exposure happens from what's in the mouth.

With dental amalgams “silver fillings” you can be exposed to mercury every day, thanks to an invisible vapor they release, which you then breathe in.

And while eating wild fish is good for your heart, tuna comes with high levels of mercury, so wild salmon is a safer choice.

What mercury does to the body...

Highly toxic to the brain, causing irritability and memory problems
Strongly linked to chronic fatigue syndrome and Parkinson’s
Can build up in the kidneys, linked to kidney tumors in animal studies
Damages the brain of unborn babies, affecting coordination and speech
Impairs the nervous system, causes headaches

Tips to Avoid Mercury:

Choose fish low in mercury and never opt for an amalgam filling at the dentist. In the home, choose lighting without compact fluorescent bulbs which contain mercury and are hazardous when broken.


Take a look around your kitchen and you’ll soon see aluminum all around you. There’s aluminum cookware and aluminum foil.

It’s what soda and beer cans are made of. You’ll find it in antacids, vaccines, and even as an additive to foods such as baking soda.

Why you'll want to reduce and remove aluminum…

Aluminum damages the central nervous system
Levels accumulate in the brain, and are associated with Alzheimer's
It may deplete essential minerals including magnesium, calcium and iron
For those with impaired kidney function there’s a higher risk of bone disease

Tips to Avoid Aluminum:

Reduce intake of antacids, which may have up to 200 mg of aluminum per tablet. Steer clear of processed foods, as many additives include forms of aluminum. Cut back on pickles with added aluminum salts.


Think of arsenic and the first thing that may come to mind is rat poison. This toxic metal was also widely used as a wood preservative and was the go-to pesticide for cotton crops and apple trees.

As a result, inorganic arsenic is in the soil. Rice, apples and grapes grown in these soils absorb the arsenic, and the toxic metal is now found in these foods. Naturally-occurring arsenic also seeps into water supplies.

One key sign of arsenic exposure? Your nails. Arsenic is distributed in hair and fingernails, and a classic sign of chronic exposure is white bands across the nails.

The health effects of arsenic exposure…

Fatigue caused by decreased production of red and white blood cells
Pins and needles sensation from impaired nerve function
Irritation of the stomach and intestines with aches, nausea or diarrhea
Patches of discolored skin and increased risk of skin cancer
Increased risk of cancer in the liver, bladder and lungs

Tips to Avoid Arsenic:

Use filtered water, reduce intake of apple and grape juice, and if eating rice opt for basmati rice grown in California which tends to be lower in arsenic.


This toxic metal makes headlines when regulators discover it in cheap trinkets made in China. But cadmium exposure is widespread.

You'll find cadmium in batteries, face paint, metal coatings, and especially in second-hand cigarette smoke.

What cadmium can do to your cells…

It targets the liver and kidneys thereby reducing your ability to detox
It binds to iron, and can cause anemia leading to fatigue
Lowers your immunity by inhibiting zinc enzymes
Deposits in bones increasing the risk for osteoporosis
Increased risk of cancer in kidneys and lungs 

Tips to Avoid Cadmium:

Don’t smoke and avoid second-hand smoke which contains high levels of cadmium. Beware of cheap metal jewelry which often includes cadmium.

Food & Minerals to Remove Heavy Metals

Dark leafy greens are rich in folate, This B vitamin has been shown to increase the amount of arsenic eliminated from the body.
The algae chlorella can help detoxify the body of cadmium and mercury. Take as a supplement or add the powder to a smoothie.
Garlic is shown to support the elimination of cadmium and mercury. It's also a powerful cell protector and immunity booster.
Chlorophyll-rich foods such as parsley and spinach also bind to heavy metals in the digestive system to prevent their absorption in the bloodstream. 
The Only Mineral Proven to Trap Many Types of Heavy Metals...
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You CAN reduce heavy metals in the body...

With tips to reduce exposure and the right plants and minerals, you CAN naturally remove the build up of heavy metals in the body!

In our next newsletter we’ll show you simple and effective ways to detox on a cellular level, and why renowned doctors are recommending this natural method.

Better health, renewed vitality and natural energy ARE possible!