Nature's Detox Solution

More often than not, a solution to every health issue can be found in nature. Herbs and plants have been a source of healing throughout the ages.

What about environmental toxins? Has nature devised a solution for these too?

Science says yes.

There is ONE type of earth mineral extensively studied for its ability to bind to toxins, rendering them inactive and harmless to the body. But this mineral isn’t in food or any vitamin supplement. You have to dig deep to find it.

In this issue we’ll cover where this mineral comes from, how it works and where to find the most effective form for natural detoxification.

It Takes a Volcano to Make This Mineral

Ancient volcanic eruptions spewed superheated rock and ash into the atmosphere. Where this ash met seawater, a special chemical reaction occurred, creating a new mineral.

Time and pressure led to the creation of a crystalline mineral called zeolite.
This mineral has a rigid honeycomb structure fused from silica and alumina.

It’s this honeycomb structure—full of open channels—that allows for zeolite to work as a filter, catching toxins it encounters.

The Proven Purification Power of Zeolite

While there are over 40 types of natural zeolite the one most widely studied, and with the greatest health benefit is called Clinoptilolite. This form has also been granted GRAS status—Generally Recognized As Safe—by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Clinoptilolite also doesn’t require a prescription, is all-natural, non-toxic, and is safe for long-term use. This is critical since we deal with toxins on a daily basis.

The Hidden Ways Zeolite Helps:

Ancient Roman Aqueducts used zeolite to clean water
Used in advanced water filtration systems
 Added to animal feed to improve health
Vast quantities dropped over Chernobyl during nuclear disaster
Used to remove radiation from wastewater in Fukushima

Why Zeolite is Preferred Over Chelation for Detox

You’ve heard the expression “opposites attract” and it’s this principle that powers the cleansing Clinoptilolite zeolite.

Clinoptilolite is unusual in that it is a negatively-charged mineral. Most toxins and heavy metals are positively-charged. Like a magnet, the zeolite attracts and then traps positively-charged toxins before passing through the body.

What makes zeolite so special is that it is highly selective and ONLY takes out toxins.

Many chelation agents are only charge specific. For example, EDTA is used to take out lead (+2) but also removes calcium (+2). That’s one reason chelation can be dangerous and requires medical supervision.

However Clinoptilolite comes WITH positive minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium. When it takes in a “bad” ion such as lead, it gives back a “good” ion such as calcium to the body. That means there is NO mineral depletion.

This swapping bad for good (or cation exchange) is what makes zeolite a much preferred detox compared to traditional chelation therapy!

Unlike Other Methods This Mineral Targets Many Toxins

Another reason why Clinoptilolite zeolite is perfect for detoxification is that it likes MANY different toxins, and it even prefers the worst ones.

The size and structure of the zeolite molecule means that it has a high preference for toxins with a higher charge and small molecule size, which includes heavy metals.

For example, the heavy metal arsenic has a charge of +3 and a size of 1.8 angstroms. The beneficial mineral potassium has a charge of +1 and a size of 2.8 angstroms. Research shows the zeolite is highly selective for arsenic but not potassium.

Zeolite also attracts toxins with larger molecules (such as volatile organics) through adsorption, by attaching to the exterior surface of the zeolite.

Here are just some of the toxins that Clinoptilolite targets:

• Arsenic
• Aluminum
• Benzene
• Bisphenol-A (BPA)

• Cadmium
• Herbicides
• Lead
• Mercury

• Nitrosamines
• Pesticides
• Radioactive metals
• Toulene

The Health Benefits of Clinoptilolite

Unlike vitamins or antioxidants which ADD needed nutrients, the benefits of Clinoptilolite comes from what it TAKES away.

Clinoptilolite doesn’t cure or treat any medical condition. Rather it supports your body’s own healing process.

By detoxing harmful substances, your body can function optimally. Starting at the cellular level your body is able to repair, revitalize and renew.

The health benefits of zeolite include:

 More restful, deep sleep
Alkalizes the body, balancing pH
 Better nutrient absorption
Optimized immune system
Improved energy levels

 Increased mental clarity
Supports liver and kidney function
 Ability to stay focused
 Enhanced recovery
Fights free radicals

So Why Isn’t Everyone Using Clinoptilolite Zeolite?

If zeolite is so special, why isn’t everyone using it?
Good question.

There are numerous zeolite products on the market. Some are in powdered form to mix in a drink. Some are in capsule form. And others are in liquid suspensions.

The vast majority of these products all have the same problem… they DON’T work! There are two reasons why most zeolite supplements are ineffective.

Problem 1: The Zeolite is Dirty

When zeolite is mined, it is already full of toxins. Like a wet sponge can’t mop up any more water, the zeolite can’t cleanse any more toxins.

In order for zeolite to work it must first be CLEANED of pre-existing toxins. The zeolite cleaning process is highly technical, time consuming and expensive, which is why most providers skip this all-important step.

Unfortunately, most marketers simply sell raw zeolite. Or they try to clean it but don’t do it well. A tell-tale sign is if they fail to provide test results proving it is clean.

Problem 2: The Zeolite is Too Big

The zeolite molecule itself is quite small, however when mined it’s clumped together like small pebbles. You have to separate the zeolite molecules to a size that can be absorbed in the body.

In order to be absorbed, the zeolite must be really small, in the nanometer range. If it is too large, it will simply pass through the gut and won’t reach the bloodstream, or other areas where toxins are stored.

Most supplements have particle sizes that are too large and only detox the gut for a partial detox.

The Right Zeolite is Doctor Recommended

Maria SulindroM.D. ABAAM

Detoxification is the cornerstone of anti-aging medicine and a preventive measure to chronic medical challenges for all ages. I recommend Pure Body as a safe, natural, and non-invasive way to systemically detoxify heavy metals.

Alex Lee,M.D. AGAF

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Natural Zeolite: Stronger Than Synthetic

Natural Clinoptilolite has a more durable bond than a synthetic zeolite. Natural zeolite has up to a 5 times higher ratio of silica to alumina and this strengthens and stabilizes the structure of the zeolite.

Synthetic zeolites are also used for a specific purpose such as targeting a single toxin in industrial applications while natural Clinoptilolite traps a wide range of toxins.

3 Key Factors When Selecting Zeolite

Natural Clinoptilolite

Backed by hundreds of studies, whole natural Clinoptilolite is the zeolite validated by extensive research for its detoxification benefits. Avoid fragmented or synthetic zeolites which have not been well studied.

Proven Cleansing Process

Raw zeolite is ineffective since it is already full of toxins. Verify the zeolite has been cleaned of preexisting pollutants. This should be validated by testing in an independent laboratory with results available for review.

Sized for Cellular Detox

The zeolite should be sized for a deep detox to a cellular level. The zeolite Clinoptilolite should be sized in the nanometer range in a water delivery method so that it can be absorbed in the body for a cellular detox.

One Zeolite Supplement Surpasses these Standards

You CAN reduce heavy metals in the body.

It is possible to remove the buildup of heavy metals and optimize your health.
With this natural mineral better health and natural energy
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